XM-6013 HT Reflective tape

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Heat Transfer Silver Reflective Tape – 100% Polyester

Silver heat transfer reflective material with good retro-reflectivity. It is normally used for HiVis vests, sport jacket, wind brakers etc. By mean of a heat press or by simple ironing you can add this reflective material to your workwear or sportswear in a form of a logo or as safety stripes. Available in 1”, 2”, 3”,4” width.




100% Polyester

Colour & Width

Silver 5 cm

Reflectivity, R

≥500 cd/m²

HS code (NCM code)


Volume, CBM (1 box)

0,0216 CBM

1 roll length

100 meters

1 roll weight

1.82 kgs

Number of rolls in 1 box

10 rolls

Weight netto of 1 box

18.5 kgs

Weight brutto of 1 box

19.5 kgs

Total meters in 1 box

1000 meters

Banda reflectorizanta ignifuga KEEP IN COOL DRY PLACE, WITH NO DIRECT SUNLIGHT
washmashine 50 wash at 60°C
new-roll Roll legth 100m

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