XM-7010P FR Reflective tape Perforated (Aramid)

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Flame Resistant – Yellow-Silver Reflective tape – 100% Meta-Aramid

  1. Sew-on
  2. Glass beads: Ra>450
  3. 100% Meta-Aramid FR
  4. Roll size: 5cm x 100m
  5. 50x wash at 60°C (140°F)
  6. EU certification: EN 20471*, EN 469*
  7. USA certification: NFPA 2112*

Yellow-Silver FR reflective trim is perforated for extra breathability.
It offers excellent flame retardant protection proven by EN 469 certificate. Micro-holes allow more air-circulation and easier output of persperation helping body do not be overheated.
It can be sewn onto FR industrial workwear or firefighters uniform.

This Reflective Material is a Textile Fabric coated with a layer of resin with numerous glass micro-lenses impregnated with a special glue into this layer. The light reflects from these micro-lenses and comes back to a car (or other source of light) making the person wearing reflective tape more visual in the dark.

Weight 0.025 kg



100% Meta-aramid

Colour & Width

Yellow 5 cm / Silver 2 cm

Reflectivity, R

≥ 350 cd/m²

HS code (NCM code)


Volume, CBM (1 box)

0,034 CBM

1 roll length

100 meters

1 roll weight

2.55 kgs

Number of rolls in 1 box

10 rolls

Weight netto of 1 box

25.5 kgs

Weight brutto of 1 box

26 kgs

Total meters in 1 box

1000 meters

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Perforated reflective tape XM-7010P receives EN 469 & EN 20471 certification

XM SilverLine™ develops reflective materials for better visibility of road workers, police, firefighters and for all those who needs to be more visible to stay safe. We pay close attention to flame resistant reflective tapes, since firefighters gear is quite heavy and firefighters always seek for a lighter but safe clothing. Our newly developed perforated reflective tape helps to make firefighters uniform (turnout gear) more comfortable, lightweight and highly visible. (Read more...)

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