Flame Retardant Reflective tape XM-6010 passed NFPA 1971:2013 tests

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The company XM SilverLine 14 years creates a popular reflective tape XM-6010, which is used to improve the visibility and protection of working with an open flame.
Trying to fully comply with modern requirements for protective materials, our reflective tapes regularly pass new tests. This helps us Aitex Laboratory (Spain).
In September 2016 flame retardant reflective tape XM-6010 fully confirmed compliance with ever-stricter requirements of NFPA 1971:2013 and the National Fire Protection Association (USA).
In the course successfully passed the test, it was found that the level of light reflectance and fluorescence flame retardant tapes XM-6010 is within normal limits after exposure to heat and precipitation as rain.
Compliance with quality standards NFPA 1971 allows the use of reflective tape XM-6010 to create a fire-retardant clothing, sold in the United States market.

More info about the microsphere technology used in the creation of this film and see the quality certificates can be on the product page.

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