XM-7010 passed EN 20471 & EN 469 certification in UK

xm 7010 cert en 20471 en 469 копияReflective tape XM-7010 is specially designed for firefighters. This Yellow-silver flame resistant triple trim is made with Meta-aramid backing, which is inherently non-flammable. XM-7010 should be sewn on to firefighters gear or turnout gear only with aramid sewing threads to keep the protective properties of the whole ensemble. When properly sewn on, this reflective tape adds High Visibility to FR clothing and make firefighters more visible and more safe.

In June 2017, laboratory SATRA (UK) tested our aramid reflective tape. According to SATRA results, XM-7010 reflective tape confirmed its high quality and maximum performance while showing excellent flame retardant properties.

Corsica-N, a code name of XM-7010, have been tested in extreme conditions of thousands of cycles of abrasion, flexion, flexing etc. Namely, the tape has been exposed to the following physical examinations of EN 20471:

  • Retro-reflective performance of new separate performance materials;
  • Color performance requirements of new materials;
  • Retro-reflective performance after 5000 Abrasion cycles;
  • Retro-reflective performance after 7500 Flexing cycles;
  • Retro-reflective performance after Folding at cold temperature at -20oC;
  • Retro-reflective performance after Temperature variation;
  • Retro-reflective performance after Influence of rainfall.

There was also additional testing done to conform to EN 469, which was also passed:

    • “Limited Flame Spread (for new material)” - this is so called vertical burn test.

Finally, the reflective tape has been washed and dried 50 times with the following tests successfully done:

      • Retro-reflective performance after Domestic washing 50 cycles at 60oC
      • “Limited Flame Spread after washing 50 cycles at 60oC and low-heat tumble dry”.

Excellent reflective and flame resistant performance has been demonstrated during all the tests by XM-7010 tape, what confirmed high quality of our reflective tapes. With XM SilverLine™ you can always be sure in your safety and always have EN 469 & EN 20471 certificates at hand.

You can find these certificates and additional information on the product page.

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