We have tested and certified our XMS reflective tapes in international labs like AITEX, SATRA, SGS, UL and TUV. XM Silver Line ™ reflective tape has either EN 20471 (High visibility clothing) or EN 469 (Protective clothing for firefighters) certificate or both.

We sell our reflective tapes not only in Europe but all over the world, so we do also tests and certification according to NFPA 2112 (Flame resistant garments), NFPA 1971 (Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting), NBR 15292 (High visibility warning clothing) for several of our flame resistant reflective tapes.

We believe that certification in independent testing labs is a must have for high-quality reflective tapes. XM SilverLine does care about Proving Protection of XMS reflective materials and has ALL the certificates open and easy to download from web site. No authorisation or special request needed – just click on any reflective tape and you can see all its certificates (in the bottom of the page).

Product Category Reflective Tape Certifications Spec
FLAME RETARDANT REFLECTIVE TAPE | EN 469 1. XM-6010 FR Reflective tape
2. XM-6010P FR Reflective tape (Perforated)
3. XM-6010W FR Reflective tape
4. XM-6011 FR Reflective tape
5. XM-6012 FR Reflective tape
6. XM-6015 FR Heat transfer Reflective tape
7. XM-7010 FR Reflective tape (Aramid)
8. XM-7010P FR Reflective tape Perforated (Aramid)    
9. XM-7011 FR Reflective tape (Aramid)
10. XM-7012 FR Reflective tape (Aramid)          
11. XM-7104 FR Reflective tape
EN 20471 | SILVER REFLECTIVE TAPE 1. XM-6001 Reflective tape
2. XM-6001H Reflective tape
3. XM-6002 Reflective tape
4. XM-6002H Reflective tape
5. XM-6005 Reflective tape
6. XM-6005B Reflective tape
COLOUR REFLECTIVE RIBBONS & WEBBING 1. XM-6023-SO Grossgrain reflective ribbon
2. XM-6023-TT Grossgrain reflective ribbon
3. XM-6029 PVC band          
4. XM-6032 Reflective piping          
5. XM-6033 Reflective tape
6. XM-6500 Reflective tape (Vinyl)          
7. XM-6500C Checker trim          
8. XM-6600 Reflective tape          
HEAT TRANSFER REFLECTIVE TAPE 1. XM-6007 Heat transfer Reflective tape
2. XM-6007C Segmented HT Reflective tape          
3. XM-6013 Heat transfer Reflective tape
4. XM-6015 FR Heat transfer Reflective tape
2. XM-6029 PVC band